Auto Refinishing System

Auto Refinishing System

With Clear-FX Restoration™, 99% of clear coat scratches and imperfections are brilliantly repaired, redone, and restored.  The dull, faded look of a car that spent many hours on the open road under the sun is reunited with its old full luster and a profoundly deep gloss.  In addition to this beautiful appearance, Clear-FX protects a vehicle against further fading, road salt, oxidation, scratches, and much more.  Furthermore, Clear-FX is environmentally friendly.  Clear-FX is an efficient, hand-applied process which means that its VOC levels are EPA compliant and it does not wash off into local water-tables.

Clear-FX Restoration™, along with our specially tailored paint restoration process – Clear-FX Paint™, and our finish protectant –Clear-FX Protect™, make up our Clear-FX Automotive Refinishing System™. Using the newest technologies, we have developed a System that is a permanent, professionally hand-applied, refinishing process which ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without paint chips and blemishes. The automobile will look like it recently rolled off the factory floor – deep, mirror-like gloss, zero swirls, and a paint body with integrity and staying power.  The result is unparalleled.

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